Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Little Bitch Like You"

Here be my very first official release. Just in time for Christmas. Within HOURS, this song is going to hit iTunes. It was a joy to make here in Sydney with Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios. It was just the two of us assisted by Kylie Whitney and it was, deadset, the best day of 2011 for me.
Where others throw darts at pictures of someone's face or go punch the shit out of some bloke down at the pub, I write and record songs.

So have a look for it on iTunes, or you can also head over to Bandcamp and purchase it just as securely there via Paypal or plastic. On Bandcamp, you can also elect to contribute more than the asking price if you are wanting to be particularly supportive. Thanks so much for your support over the year, and have a safe and happy Christmas with your families and friends.



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