Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Arts Bundanoon Proudly Presents:

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At the Bundanoon Memorial Hall
Saturday March 12,

Nick Rheinberger
Rosalind Chia
Andy Gordon
Jo Caseley
Steve Cheers
Steph Jansen
The Pennys

All backed by Sydney’s best rhythm section:

(bass, Icehouse)

(drums, Leonardo’s Bride, Chase the Sun)
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All the best ideas happen in the shower, they say.
(Do they even say that?)

Bundanoon resident Rosalind Chia moved to the Highlands in March of 2010, and immediately set about getting to know her new music community, as well as spending time with those she was already acquainted with. She was enchanted with Bundanoon and with all the new people she was meeting, however, she noticed one thing; not all of them actually knew each other. Knowing the importance of networking in creative communities of any kind, she set about brainstorming ideas for a project that could unite them all. Surely there must be a way of bringing them together….? It was with a bar of soap in one hand and a loofah in the other one night that the idea of the “game” hit her.


A series of musicians playing short sets, one after the other, each having to collaborate on the song of the last musician to perform, no matter what style it is, no matter which instrument they play, and no matter whether they’ve ever met each other or not. Unrehearsed and live. No time to breathe between sets. One musician tags the next, and away they go. Any musician may thereafter join the stage any time they like, playing anything they like. A kind of musical “theatresports”. All with two of Sydney’s most respected live session musicians backing them up; Steve Bull of Icehouse, and Jon Howell of Leonardo’s Bride (and more recently of blues juggernaut Chase the Sun).

Nothing like a bit of adrenaline to fuel a lively performance.


You’re it.

Tickets: $25 at the door, or buy your tickets early from participating Bundanoon shops.
Ticket price includes supper.

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