Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Update - First Official Single

Surprise.   <---- Yes, click that thing. You'll like it.

I write this under heavy sedation, so forgive the lacklustre tone.

More official releases on the way. Only studio-made music will be coming from me in the days to come. All of my gigs have been cancelled, due to a sudden downward slide in my health. If you haven't caught any of my gigs recently, I'm sorry to say that it's highly unlikely that you ever will again. To all those who regularly showed up at my gigs, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

In the meantime, I shall be steadily releasing all the completed work that I have been keeping tucked away for the right time. I hope you enjoy it. Above is a link to the first single. It was written recently, and I recorded it at Love Hz Studios with Michael Carpenter. It will be released on iTunes on Christmas Day, with any luck.

I've recently had a lovely stay at the Nepean Hospital's P.E.C.C. (Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre). My love and thanks go out to the amazing nursing staff, psychiatrists, fellow patients and other support staff. My love also goes to those at Pialla, and those (especially Mr Rainbow Pants Lee) at the Katoomba unit.

I got out of the facility in time for Christmas, because I have a loving supportive family and I can afford psychiatry and medication as a day patient. Others aren't so lucky. They will be spending Christmas in lockdown, at a severely under-resourced mental health care facility near you.

Spare a thought for them this Christmas.
Just because these people have a mental illness, it doesn't make them weak or stupid.
These are the people who have the balls to get help.

For more info on depression, anxiety, etc you can always
check out Beyond Blue's website. It's a great start to have a
chat to your GP. And no, it's not as painful as you think.
Nor is it anything to be ashamed of at all.

I'm absolutely open with the world about my mental illness.
Hoping to lead by example. You can, too. :-)




  1. So sorry to hear you have had this downward slide Rozzie, its so not fair. I am glad that you are able to be home for Christmas. I wish you and your loved ones a special Christmas and a much brighter new year. and my prayers for a miracle to help you through.

  2. My thoughts are with you, Roz. I've spent time at a psych facility. Am fortunate that meds seem to work - not well enough some days, but most of the time. I wish for you the best of care and recovery. Your fan and friend, - Vance

  3. Thanks Naz, thanks Vancey-man. Taking it an hour at a time... and knitting a lot. :) Love to you guys. xoxo