Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sirens of Sydney Review

"Just had a listen to Rozzie Chia's latest release Something Beautiful, which is the last in the far. Ms Chia has released a series of original recordings as individual songs over the past few weeks. Damaged, I Can Be Happy Today, Sonic Boom, Don't You Remember Me, Dancing in 1968 and Something Beautiful.

Rozzie has a beautiful melancholy about her. With lyrics from Damaged such as "I don't weep or rage, I don't move on. I don't make love anymore, I watch TV....I just don't deserve anyone", Rozzie has exposed the most vulnerable of emotions and the plight of being human.

Her style overall is very much like Sheryl Crow from the late 90s, but she has thrown in an out of character electronic "Don't You Remember Me" and an electronic pop blues "Sonic Boom". Both additions have her distinctive sleepy velvety vocals which tie them in well with the rest of the collection.

Rozzie also wrote most of her releases, and recorded and performed them on her own. A talented lady."

Available now at iTunes.

Sirens of Sydney rating ★★★★

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