Saturday, July 16, 2011

The 6th digital release. That was unexpected!

So I made a song each week for five weeks, and I've been taking a break for a few weeks since then. But on the way to the train station to meet her father on Friday, my daughter was grooving away in the car playing drums to my songs and said that she wanted another song written over the weekend. I guess children just get accustomed to routine...? Who am I to protest?

I have happily obliged, and like a donkey jumping through a ring of flames at a circus, I have delved again into the deepest recesses of my suffering to write an honest new tune for you to download to your little computation machines.

Having spent years listening with fascination to artists like Beck, Nick Cave, Belle & Sebastian, Patti Smith, Ricki Lee Jones, PJ Harvey, Kurt Cobain..... I'm kinda intrigued with the art of the "non-singing" vocal delivery. You know. The sound of someone who just says a massive "fuck you" to the conventions of "proper" singing and just expresses themselves. As a trained singer who has earned her stripes on big stages singing the most technically-challenging songs, on radio ads and so on, I absolutely love to relax the rules when singing my own songs. To me it's not about showing off your range or showing off your training. What's the flippin' point of singing like that? Where's the connection? When I listen back to something and think to myself, "that sounds like a session singer", I go back and do another take that sounds more human. I think that throwing away the strict training is far more expressive and opens up the singer to show their emotions and their vulnerability. When I'm paid to sing like a showpony, I will sing like a showpony. But for my own stuff, my priority is to relate and to connect via songcraft and lyrics. As you've probably worked out by now, I have an almost sado-masochistic urge to think of those who will find it cathartic to hear the song, ignore my fears, and bare myself completely.

And run across cricket fields during test matches.

Just joking.


The song is called "Something Beautiful", it's absolutely about my life as it stands; it was a little painful to write, to be honest. But this is all part of the process of being a brutally-honest artist of any discipline.

I hope you enjoy it. :-)

Again, you can pay the minimum $1.10 for the track, or if you're feeling particularly legendary, you can pay more than that to help keep the music machine well-oiled! If you download today before midnight (Sunday July 17) and provide your email address in the download process, you will receive a bonus FREE track; a little acoustic song that is previously unreleased.


Get out there, enjoy your Sunday, be honest, be happy, be cool.

~ Chia

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