Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 2011

So ...gday!

December kinda came & went in a drunken flurry of junkyard debris and heaving farm animals, didn't it? Did you all have a lovely Christmas and New Years?

Meh....... you're not actually going to answer that, are you? I am really only asking the token "how was your festive period?" question and nobody really cares how each others' festive periods were, as long as nobody died. You know it, and I know it.

So as for January, I have a coupla confirmed gigs:

Thurs 6 Jan @Windang Bowling Club 6pm
Sun 9 Jan @Friendly Inn Hotel Kangaroo Valley, 2pm
Fri 14 Jan @Greenwell Point Hotel 8:30pm
Sat 15 Jan with Raoul Graf @Ryans Hotel, Thirroul 8pm
Sun 23 Jan "Rumours" with Access All Eras @Beaches Hotel Thirroul 5pm
Wed 26th Jan Australia Day, Private Function @Bowral Polo Club
Sun Jan 28 "Rumours" with Access All Eras @New Brighton Golf Club

I will be adding gigs to this list as they tend to pop up, so do keep checking this space.

I'm also working hard to do the final touches on my EP, so while I am doing that, there won't be quite as many gigs as usual. I am most excited to be heading to Sydney in a couple of weeks to bring the magic touches of Cass Eager to my record. The woman's family to me and I know you will enjoy her contributions to the EP.

Next month sees a coupla secret-esque gigs with my good mate Jo Caseley; due to overwhelming public pressure (from 1 person) we have decided to bend to the masses and go off on a few gigs as a winning duo. We rather enjoy eating bacon and eggs together, so why not perform together, I say.

Another project I am looking at launching is an acoustic mini-album which I will be recording here at home. The entire purpose of the project is actually not for profit; I will be raising money to assist my uncle in keeping his farm afloat while he undergoes treatment for cancer. Your support upon the release of my acoustic record will be so very very very appreciated.

Until next month, stay wet.

xoxo Chia.

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